Here is a section for you young people to allow everyone to see your projects, initiatives, your travels and your success!

You develop a project\'s school on the school bus, your hockey team did a great bus trip, your school participated in a music competition and Intercar was your carrier? Young people, teachers, sports instructors or leisure, this section is yours!

** Avis à note clientele de la cote-Nord **

Veuillez prendre notre que l'arrêt situé à St-Hilarion sera relocalisé au;

Restaurant Le Miche-Main
269 route 138
Saint-Hilarion (Charlevoix)
Québec, Canada
G0A 3V0
* Avis à notre clientèle **

Nous sommes présentement en changement d'horaire sur l'ensemble de notre réseau interurbain. Veuillez contacter votre terminus de départ respectif afin de connaitre les heures de passages de l'autobus.  Read more...

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involved in the regional community
Our goal: to actively participate in regional quality of life with the people here. George Gilbert Foundation is evidence of this involvement. Indeed, the Foundation, through fundraising, raises funds that are subsequently redistributed to youth projects in schools. Please direct all inquiries to Denise Côté Foundation George Gilbert in 2249, St-Hubert, Jonquière, G2J 1P7.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship, please complete the form you find on the home page under the heading "Request for sponsorship."